a little about me


I am a wedding and portrait photographer working out of the Central Pennsylvania area.  

I’ve always loved the matter of art.  I’ve spent countless hours of my childhood coloring, painting, and drawing free hand portraits of animals and my favorite Disney characters.  My mother; as if she was an early American explorer, continuously searched our refrigerator for an empty space for yet another “masterpiece” to hang up. 

Years ago, my dad gave me an old vintage film camera to start me out with a "professional" camera.  I still have it and I still love to use it!  But, having never taken my love of art any farther than a few cameras and classes in school, there was something missing in me as I grew older, and I knew my love for photography would allow me to have some fun and bring the artsy side of myself to life. 

It's amazing photographing clients, whether it be the quiet intimacy of a bride and groom lost in the moment, or busting a gut laughing during senior or family sessions.  I adore getting to know my clients.  I guarantee I love a client’s photos as much, if not more than them. 

Photography is not for just anyone with a nice camera; it is art, and art takes time, talent, love and know how.  I believe the most incredible photographs are not overly posed, and are the ones of you being you!

Today, I live in the heart of Central Pennsylvania with my husband and my overly hairy Siberian Husky.  When I’m not snapping photographs or working my full time job; I'm laughing at my husband’s lame jokes, playing my guitar or enjoying a good book and a cup of joe.  God has truly blessed me with so many things that I can’t even count.  It's because of Him that all things are possible.